Team Name
Chapel Hill, NC
Brooklyn Hildebrandt, Worth Mills
Team Color
Carolina Blue
Team Mascot
Rameses or however you spell it
Team 90s TV Show
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Team Song
“Raise Up” by Petey Pablo
Distance to Charlottesville, VA
190 miles
Player Roster
Brooklyn Hildebrandt
Worth Mills
Sarah Vega
Elizabeth Falconer
Cory McKenna
Ballard Yelton
Maddie Salamone
Rex Young
Rick Ingram
Carly Baker
Margaret Peterson
Ben Hukill
Will Norrell
Caroline Poma
Tom Zengel
Star Players
Ballard Yelton; Maddie Salamone
Law Review Nerds
Don’t ask don’t tell
Team History
We formed this team almost 3 weeks ago. Our goal is to uphold our storied and long-standing tradition.
Practice Regimen
Want To Play Against
Teams that like to drink while they play
DON’T Want To Play Against
Teams that take this seriously
Favorite Thing About The Tournament
The camaraderie
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If
N/A… I’ll let you know on Sunday
Looking forward to it