Team Name
Buffalo Law Tortfeasors
The North Pole
Conley, Schafer
Team Color
Blue & White
Team Mascot
Stan’s Beard
Team 90s TV Show
Team Song
Cold as Ice – Foreigner
Distance to Charlottesville, VA
4 Bathroom Breaks
Player Roster
Hahn, Riley, Kahn, Chamberlain, Knepka, Duggan, Johnson, Adigwe, Aldridge, Orocz, Ciesla, Guerrero, Savino, Kaczor, Sloan, Weaver, Uber, Fleming, Sikora, Gaglione, Marrano, Yovanoff, Garlick, Rosso, Sollenne, Brown, Medoff, Castillo, Eadie, Plewinski, Conley, Makowski, Schafer
Star Players
Uber, Yovanoff, Duggan, Chamberlain
Law Review Nerds
Weaver, Fleming, Sikora, Gaglione, Plewinski, Riley, Knepka, Aldridge, Guerrero, Savino, Conley, Schafer
Team History

Founded on a cold, snowy day in 1887, the Tortfeasors originally played using mittens for gloves, icicles for bats, and snowballs for, well, balls. Buffalo finally thawed out in the 2000s, so we’ve been able to update our equipment to modern metal bats and leather gloves, but we still warm up the cannons with a good snowball fight. Under new management in 2017, the tortfeasors are a spry bunch with their eyes on the fences and their lips on a cold can of Canada’s finest pilsner, Labatt Blue.

Team Motto: Win fast, drink fast.

Practice Regimen
Avoid the sun at all costs. 500 dry swings in front of a mirror and 300 flippies daily. Liquid dinner only before and after practice and games.
Want To Play Against
‘Cuse – For upstate bragging rights.
DON’T Want To Play Against
Favorite Thing About The Tournament
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If
. . . it wasn’t so far away.
IF we can survive the road trip and thaw out – watch out, Charlottesville. Who knows what’s going to happen once our muscles warm up.