Team Name BC Platinum
Location Newton, MA
Captains Nate Lovett
Team Color Bud Light Platinum
Team Mascot Keith Stone
Team 90s TV Show Home Improvement (Thank Jeremy Levesque for turning us onto that one)
Team Song
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 8 hours of pure elation and 1 hour through New Jersey
Player Roster Will Peifer: Most Likely to Pass Out on a Sticky Frat Couch


Liam Holland: Most Likely to Spend the Tournament in Atlantic City
Marnee Rand: Most Likely to Run the Wrong Direction Around the Bases


James Adams: Most Likely to Get Tossed for Arguing Balls and Strikes


Rufus Urion: Most Likely to Forgo the Team Jersey for a Flannel


Nate Lovett: Most Likely to Start the Post-Game Handshake Line


Maria Rouvalis: Most Likely to Apologize for Recording a Putout


Jeremy Levesque: Most Likely to Miss Games While Working at the Hardware Store


Danielle Crinnion: Most Likely Has Iron Quads from Her Batting Stance


Michael Hanify: Most Likely to Bail at the Last Minute


Kevin Williamson: Most Likely to Tie a Sweatshirt Around His Waist


Pat Kessock: Most Likely Aroused by “Paul, Weiss”


Godfre Blackman: Most Likely to Throw Up 9-Hundo on the Calf Raise


Matt DeSilva: Most Likely to Stretch Triples into Doubles


Tom Murphy: Most Likely to Wake Up in a Ditch


Trisha Starkey: Most Likely Rehydrating with G4 (Gatorade infused with Rubinoff)


Kevin Tarsa: Most Likely to Swing the Bat Like a 9-Iron

Star Players Preeminent third base coach Pat Kessock; platoon right fielder Kevin Williamson; resident cig blaster, Tom Murphy; athletic wunderkind Marnee Rand.
Law Review Nerds Social injustice warrior Matt DeSilva
Team History
Practice Regimen https://youtu.be/KmqyI0Wnsfw?t=48s
Want To Play Against HLS, Rutgers (Camden), the Law Center (Touro, not Georgetown)
DON’T Want To Play Against Seton Hall
Favorite Thing About The Tournament
Streaking, obviously
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If Hanify would drive down with us, instead of flying with Harvard.
Anecdotes Team Chain Restaurant: Chili’s