Seton Hall Blue ’19

Team Name Seton Hall Blue
School Seton Hall
Division Co Rec
Team Color  
Team Mascot  
Team 90s TV Show  
Team Song  
Distance to Charlottesville, VA  
Player Roster
Henry Klimowicz Kyle Madley Kyle Kennett Pette Strom Brendan Ruckert Americo Lasalvia Frank Iovine Andrew Cameron Wael Amer Darren Smolarski Anthony Gingerelli Michael Tecza Brian Ensley Sarah Ungeheuer Brendan Barry Connor Jackson Brian Dempster Ifedapo Benjamin
Star Players  
Law Review Nerds  
Team History  
Practice Regimen  
Want To Play Against  
DON’T Want To Play Against  
Favorite Thing About The Tournament  
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If