What is NGSL?

The North Grounds Softball League (NGSL) is a 501(c)(4) non-profit corporation. The primary goals of the organization are to run the fall and spring softball seasons at UVA Law School and to host the UVA Law Softball Invitational every spring, in which over 115 softball teams from over 50 different law schools participate. Furthermore, every year NGSL donates the majority of its proceeds from the Invitational to a local charity, ReadyKids. NGSL also contributes substantial amounts of money to UVA Law’s Public Interest Law Association every year.

Who are NGSL?

To achieve its goals, NGSL maintains a membership of 40 to 60 law students. These individuals volunteer their time as the umpires of softball games, the planners of social events, and the organizers of the regular season, playoffs, and Spring Invitational. Although this organization has members who are University of Virginia students and may have University employees associated or engaged in its activities and affairs, the organization is not a part of or an agency of the University. It is a separate and independent organization which is responsible for and manages its own activities and affairs. The University does not direct, supervise or control the organization and is not responsible for the organization’s contracts, acts or omissions.