UVA Men’s Gold ’19

Team Name UVA Men’s Gold
School UVA
Location Here
Division Regular
Captains Will Vieth; Peter Dragna; Christian’s Hat, probably
Team Color Gold
Team Mascot Dom’s Lacoste “Sneakers”
Team 90s TV Show Baseball Tonight (RIP)
Team Song Lil Nas X – Old Town Road
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 3 Minutes via Kevin’s electric bike
Player Roster
Will Vieth- Barely on track to graduate, doesn’t understand why everyone else can’t practice three times a day Peter Dragna – Complains about people hitting pop-ups, doesn’t admit to going 0-4 with 4 pop-ups Christian Berger – Does not attend UVA Law, solely here for softball Spencer “Nolan” Ryan – Can’t make it, busy Herminio “Kith is a lifestyle, not a brand” Rivera Ben Rosenblum – Form of a tee-baller, somehow plays like Mike Trout Zach Jacobson- Upset about how many Fed Soc meetings he had to miss for this Nick “It was only a misdemeanor” Wetzler- Somehow still convinced “hit and run” is only a baseball term Jackson Stallings- Thinks Venmo is government spying, might be right. Also upset about how many Fed Soc meetings Zach missed Kevin “Squints” Schunk – Don’t use his bat, he bought it for himself. Dom Aducci- Hasn’t gone a day without mentioning he played basketball at Drake. Excited to start a game.
Star Players Herminio’s right arm; Zach Jacobson, assuming he doesn’t foul out
Law Review Nerds More than one, less than last year
Team History Finally actually won their own tournament, will be waiting another 35 years for the next trophy
Practice Regimen Heckle Christian as he insists on practicing baserunning
Want To Play Against UVA Co-Rec Gold, see if losing “The Strangler” paid off
DON’T Want To Play Against UMBC Law (Still)
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Another chance to finally gain parental approval for our lifestyle choices
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If It doesn’t snow this year…