UVA Co-Rec Gold ’19

Team Name UVA Co-Rec Gold
School The one that’s the only #1 seed in the Final Four
Location UVA Med Center Emergency Room since we’re nursing so many injuries
Division The more competitive one
Captains Matt Hirsch & Head Commissioner Colbert
Team Color NAVY blue, not royal pls, y’all
Team Mascot Lindsay’s 3 legged dog, Gunner.
Team 90s TV Show We’ll ask Lindsay and Corey, they were the only ones watching TV then
Team Song Nothing on Men’s Blue playlist from our scrimmage
Distance to Charlottesville, VA We’re #blessed to live right here in the Beautiful Blue Ridge
Player Roster
Lindsay “Conference Call” Fisher–may be talking to herself on the mound but don’t worry she’s got a call Jordan Beals–Fridays are his golf days so no games, pls Will Hinton–the team socks didn’t fit his aesthetic Collin “Patient Zero” Hunt–the CDC reports that Norovirus has an incubation period of 12-48 hours Lizard “NOT ‘Liz’ for Short” Joynes–greatest transfer free agent acquisition in UVA Law Softball history Ben Kramer–let us know he would prefer not to play outfield…..or infield Brandon Leppke–missed practice because he swears he was “trapped” in Shenandoah National Park Elijah McDonnaugh–the fastest man NOT in Converse. Yes, he speaks. Corey Parker–yes she was a D1 softball player. yes we’re putting her at catcher. Brooke Swann–HAVE YOU SEEN THE TOURNAMENT T SHIRTS? Macey Colbert–did you hear she struck out against Men’s Gold? Matt Hirsch–his arm might fall off before the tourney but he will captain the ship nevertheless
Star Players All the men we adversely possessed from Men’s Gold
Law Review Nerds None of us could make it on even under the new membership policy :/
Team History Can find no record of them ever winning their own tournament. Not looking to break the tradition this year.
Practice Regimen 12 hours of practice at Copeley every weekend led by Sgt Colbert and Cpt Hirsch
Want To Play Against Men’s Gold
DON’T Want To Play Against Men’s Blue (2017 repeat, @MensGold?)
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Being completely demoralized by Florida (#GatorBait)
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If We actually won once in awhile…..since it is our tournament and all.
Anecdotes We’re just hoping we win so Macey doesn’t kill us all (#York2.0)