UVA Co-Rec Blue ’19

Team Name CRB
School UVA
Location Cville
Division Co-rec
Captains Carly Crist and Seth Yost
Team Color BLUE
Team Mascot Dugas
Team 90s TV Show Rugrats
Team Song Thank U, Next
Distance to Charlottesville, VA -17 miles
Player Roster
Carly “Cist” Crist Seth “Token Gay” Yost Luke “I Have Class” Zaro Eamon “Icy Hot” Dowd Jeremy “20/20” Gordon Eleanor “The Tyrant” Schmalzl Jess “Stay Out of My Base Path” Stevens Reuben “Daddy” Brooks Kat “Not Kitty” Goebel Elizabeth “The Stretch” Lapp Billy “Not the Kid” Sadik-Khan Zach “Photoshop” Turk
Star Player Ben Kramer
Law Review Nerds What’s a law review?
Team History 2017 Co-Rec Runner-up (shout-out 4th place CRG)
Practice Regimen Hitting dingers, taking names
Want To Play Against CRG
DON’T Want To Play Against The UVA Drunk teams; one is always a dark horse
Favorite Thing About The Tournament  
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If