UMich Go Blue or Go Home ’19

Team Name Go Blue or Go Home
School University of Michigan Law
Location Ann Arbor
Division Co Rec
Captains Rachel Schlobohm & Ingrid Eicher
Team Color Blue & Maize
Team Mascot Wolverines
Team 90s TV Show The Powerpuff Girls
Team Song Pop That – French Montana ft. Rick Ross, Drake, & Lil’ Wayne
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 594 miles
Player Roster
1. Rachel “Schlo Big or” Schlobohm 2. Ingrid “Excuse My Swing” Eicher 3. Jeff “Three Strikes” Nwagbo 4. Elliott “Insert Clever Nickname Here” Gluck 5. Andrew “Teamsportschamp” Weiner 6. Anna “Bat Intentions” Rasmussen 7. Will Schoof 8. Marques “Washed Up” Winick 9. Claire “The Liability” Eaton 10. Rasheed “Speed and Breed” Stewart 11. Edna “Good Time Not a Long Time” Turay 12. Michael Smith 13. Stephen “The Malörtfield” Rees 14. Jens Thomsen 15. Jake Lipnik 16. Emma “Goldilocks” Murray 17. Thaddaeus “Thundercat” Gregory 18. Aviv “Where My Pitches At” Halpern 19. Daniel “The Hebrew Hammer” Ackerman 20. Alex “All Bombs” Ault 21. Greg “The Rocket” Young
Star Players See Roster Above
Law Review Nerds Edna Turay, Aviv Halpern, Stephen Rees,
Michael Smith
Team History N / A
Practice Regimen Hydration practice every game day, Falls 2016-2018
Want To Play Against UVA
DON’T Want To Play Against None
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Seeing the look on Tom Tsatsis’s face when Michigan beats UVA
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If We could get the look on Tom Tsatsis’s face when Michigan beats UVA on video
Anecdotes N / A