UGA Road Dawgs ’19

Team Name UGA Road Dawgs
School University of Georgia
Location Athens, GA
Division co rec
Captains Azurae Orie & Phillips Workman
Team Color Red, Black, & White
Team Mascot Tony Waller
Team 90s TV Show Re-runs of the 1990s Atlanta Braves; the “Bring in the Dancing Lobsters” sketch from The Amanda Show
Team Song “Sugar We’re Going Down” by Fall Out Boy
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 466 miles
Player Roster

James “Jimbo/Dardo/Dardito/El Dardito/Desdardito/Dardissimo” Darden
Grace “y=mx+b” Darling
Seth “Sethery/The Calhoun Cannon” Johnson
Kevin “D-1 Speed” Ketner
J.T “The Hands/Wait This Isn’t Rugby” Laney
Patrick “RoboPat/Pat Daddy/[insert Kansas joke]” Nachtsheim
U.S. Senator Amanda Newton
Azurae “Az/Florida Woman” Orie
Phillips “Softball Dad” Workman

People Who Still Care

Ashton Bricker “Bricker?! I Hardly Know Her!”
D.C. Liberal Erin McGonigle
Holly “Even” Stephens
Bryan “I Just Want to Get In My Damn Plate Appearances” Weisgal

Star Players Let’s be real, we’re Double-A talent at best.
Law Review Nerds James “Mr. Law Review” Darden, Seth “Captain Bluebook” Johnson, Phillips “Dumb Enough to Get Published” Workman, Azurae “Happy to Be Here” Orie
Team History In 2018, a ragtag band of scrappy washouts set out on a mission. That mission? The UGA Intramural Co-Rec Championship. And you know what? They won the whole f*#$ing thing.

This is not that team.
Practice Regimen lol
Want To Play Against Coastal Elites
DON’T Want To Play Against Air Bud (no-win situation)
Favorite Thing About The Tournament That there’s no qualifying mechanism
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If Umpire takes off mask at end of weekend and it’s Obama