UConn Red ’19

Name   Deez Nutmegs
School University of Connecticut School of Law
Location The blessed city of Hartford, CT
Division Co Rec
Captains Paige Owens & Trevor Larrubia
Team Color Red, White, & Blue
Team Mascot HUSKIES
Team 90s TV Show Seinfeld, not that there’s anything wrong with that.
Team Song Broccoli – D.R.A.M. (feat. Lil Yachty)
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 420 miles
Player Roster
Paige “Twinkletoes” Owens   Trevor “Pipsqueak” Larrubia   Corey “Waters” Rioux   Michael “Mr. April” Keating   Arthur “Jenkins” Lefevre   Dave “Whiff” Mullany   Jake “Jave Dargo, Esq.” Multer   Adam “Young Arthur” Ghalmi   Jenny “Jenny from the Block” Labbadia   Sierra “Sierra Nevada” Santana   Kimberly “Kimbo Slice” Bosse   Austin “Kitten Kween” Moran
Star Players Austin “Kitten Kween” Moran, a second-year returner, had a solid season for us behind the plate last year and came up clutch with an RBI when we needed it most. Expecting big things from her this season so long as someone coaches her on exactly what to do and no dogs walk by when the ball is in play.   Keating is the best player in the tournament.
Law Review Nerds Dave “Whiff” Mullany & Arthur “Jenkins” Lefevre – they live for competition
Team History It all started when Canadian rapper Aubrey “Drake” Graham dropped his hit single “God’s Plan.” Whether it was the artist’s generosity in giving away $1 million to the kind folks of Miami or simply the catchy & relatable lyrics, this hot jam deeply resonated on a molecular level for first ballot hall of famer Walter “God’s Plan” Klimczak. He decided he really did only love his bed and his mama – but that is where he went wrong.   The love for the game of softball was missing, which resulted in a tumultuous end to the season for the young star. The pressure got to him and he took it out on the Yale Bad News Barristers (a team that, had they not audaciously broken the rules of the league, would have otherwise been undeserving of such harsh chirping).   Since that fateful day, it’s a lot of bad things that they wishin’ and wishin’ and wishin’ and wishin’ on the UCONN Law Softball team, but this season we are coming back with clear heads & full hearts, and we can’t lose if we’re having fun 🙂
Practice Regimen Arm-Wrestling Tournaments
Want To Play Against Teams that take themselves way too seriously
DON’T Want To Play Against Quinn’s “actual A team, not half the A team that shows up late and [their] B team after the slaughter [we] put on [their] third pitcher.”   Seriously, please don’t bring your actual good players that you so adamantly claim exist.
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Cooler Sledding
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If the Yale nerds would do everyone’s homework while the rest of us went to the Biltmore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Anecdotes “And I will talk to the people on our team who engaged in inappropriate behavior so we can have fun with it so long as the same courtesy is extended to us.”