Penn Team 4 ’19

Team Name Penn Team 4 (“3LMFAO”)
School Penn Law
Location Philadelphia
Division co rec
Captains Adrian Parlow, Zach Feldman
Team Color PMS 288 Blue
Team Mascot Lexis Camelback Water Bottle
Team 90s TV Show Rugrats
Team Song Pokemon Theme Song
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 252 miles
Player Roster
Adrian Parlow, Zach Feldman, Adam Poliner, Amber Ausley, Andrew Wilson, Anna Lee Whisenant, Aryan Zahraii, Ben Barsky, Brendan Lum, Christine Jeong, Dani Lazarus, Dottie Hazan, Gabby DiAngelo, Ian Wahrenbrock, Jule Walsh, Kevin Cheng, Mandi LeSavage, Michelle Aizin, Shayda Milani, Spencer Nord
Star Players Dani Lazarus & Michelle Aizin
Law Review Nerds Anna Lee Whisenant & Spencer Nord
Team History Est. 2019
Practice Regimen N/A
Want To Play Against Not here for a long time, just here for a good time
DON’T Want To Play Against Sportsball Gunners
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Finally going outside for once
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If Great as is!
Anecdotes N/A