NUBS A ’19

Team Name NUBS A
School Northwestern Law
Location Chicago, Illinois
Division Co-Rec
Captains Arian Soroush
Team Color Purple
Team Mascot Feral Catz
Team 90s TV Show Everybody Loves Raymond
Team Song King of Wishful Thinking – Paul Rudd & Jimmy Fallon
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 770 miles (via Google map bicycle)
Player Roster
Arian Soroush Ben Seelig Brendan Mochoruk Christian Riess Colleen Couture David Goodman Emma Englund Isaac Todd Jorge Corona Josh Yim Kelsey Chetosky Lauren Marczi Lisa Gunter Lisa Santaniello Lauren Pope Peter Candel
Star Players We’ll find out
Law Review Nerds Scholarship doesn’t win Championships
Team History Born as a team but separated throughout life, the NUBS were eventually brought back together to play their hand in softball destiny. Some Google forms and self-selection later, they were split again, but this time into two: A and B. Although two teams, they come into Charlottesville as one force.
Practice Regimen Camaraderie-focused, field-time-limited
Want To Play Against BAC > .08
DON’T Want To Play Against Anyone that will ruin our delusions of athletic grandeur
Favorite Thing About The Tournament The climate
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If The Final Four were live-streamed on field
Anecdotes Ask Peter