Columbia Team A ’19

Team Name Columbia Law Team A (3Ls)
School Columbia Law
Location New York, NY
Division Co Rec
Captains Kyle Tuckman, Perry Lumpkin
Team Color Navy Blue
Team Mascot Lions
Team 90s TV Show Fresh Prince
Team Song Nice for What-Drake
Distance to Charlottesville, VA Annoyingly Far
Player Roster
Lauren Bergelson Lauren Beck Max Offsay Caroline Lowry Kyle Tuckman Zach Blumenfeld Corey Janson Allison Pearl Mariah Vitali John Hammel Strauss Dan Feder Perry Lumpkin (an alumnus of Michigan State) Lauren Maxfield Edward Smith Patrick Gallagher Evan Goldsher Cameron Jones Sam Glassman David Balme Ben Cermak Jeff Larocca Joe Teresi
Star Players Corey Janson
Law Review Nerds Perry Lumpkin
Team History Last year, the 2L version of this team went 2-0 in the tournament, but was too hungover to play the playoff game on Sunday. Expect nothing less this year.
Practice Regimen Rigorous
Want To Play Against Cornell Law (bring them back)
DON’T Want To Play Against UVA Competitive (We know we are a co-ed team)
Favorite Thing About The Tournament The Biltmore
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If More people streaked the lawn
Anecdotes I got nothing