Brooklyn Law FRCP ’19

Team Name FRCP 12(f) Out
School Brooklyn Law School
Location Brooklyn, New York
Division Co Rec
Captains Justin Heller and Daniel Addady
Team Color Black and Red
Team Mascot Cadman Plaza
Team 90s TV Show CatDog
Team Song Africa by Toto
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 350 miles
Player Roster
Nick Gonsalves, Shane Kleinbeck, Mark Strage, Gabriel Aurrecoechea, Jean Paul Stefan, Michael Sheftman, Jennessa Lever, Lindita Capric, Iris Lin, Justin Heller, Joshua Benaroya, Rani Shulman, and Joseph (Mike) Hay
Star Players Nick, Mark, Justin, Allison
Law Review Nerds Josh is the biggest Law Review Nerd on the team
Team History I have no idea when the team at Brooklyn first started up (although if you have records of the first Brooklyn Law team to play in this tournament I would be interested to know that)
Practice Regimen We hit the batting cages once in November
Want To Play Against Whoever did poorly last year
DON’T Want To Play Against Whoever did really well last year… and the other Brooklyn Law team
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Getting to blow off some steam with other law students from all over the country
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If Last year was freezing, so warmer weather this year would be awesome
Anecdotes Last year we only brought one team down, and we played in the regular division and got destroyed 30-0 by one of the UVA teams at 9am. Rough way to start the day, but we have much higher aspirations this year!