BC Maroon and Gold ’19

Team Name BC Maroon and Gold
School Boston College
Location Newton, MA
Division Co Rec
Captains Amber, Sarah D., Jenn
Team Color Maroon and Gold
Team Mascot Eagle
Team 90s TV Show Legends of the Hidden Temple
Team Song “Disco Fever”
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 550 miles
Player Roster
Amber VolzBrann GallagherCarlo DeHartCaroline EnrightEmily StarrJennifer MasonJohn WhiteJulian ViksmanLucas FollettMatt LoriniMatt ScherbarthPeter DilibertiReilly ClarkRyan HalliseySarah DoelgerSarah Moore
Star Players Peter and Amber
Law Review Nerds Caroline
Team History Created on the Third Day (along with the plants)
Practice Regimen Discovering who is on the team right before the game starts
Want To Play Against Teams from states that start with a vowel
DON’T Want To Play Against The other BC team
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Making new friends
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If The Cavalier Inn still existed
Anecdotes A player (who shall remain nameless) drank one of every Cookout milkshake during the weekend.