BC Eagles ’19

Team Name BC Eagles
School Boston College
Location Newton, MA
Division Co Rec
Captains Eleanor and Evan
Team Color Maroon and Gold
Team Mascot Eagle
Team 90s TV Show Rugrats
Team Song “I Will Survive”
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 550 miles
Player Roster
Alexis KralAlli RubinBrendan McGoughEleanor DaughertyElizabeth EllisEvan BloomJosie StonerMatt KerkerMike CasagrandeMike AhnMike FoleyNic GuntonRoman IbragimovTerence OlsenTyler BrownWallis LinkerZak Klein
Star Players Josie and Tyler
Law Review Nerds Roman
Team History Non-existent
Practice Regimen Imagining ourselves winning
Want To Play Against Anyone we can beat
DON’T Want To Play Against Anyone who can beat us
Favorite Thing About The Tournament BBQ lunch on Saturday
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If It didn’t snow
Anecdotes Last year, three people went to the hospital with frostbite.  We’re hoping to top that this year.