UVA Co-Rec Wild Thangs

Team Name Co-Rec Orange Wild Thangs
School University of Virginia School of Law
Location Charlottesville, VA
Division Co-Rec
Captains Beau Daen and Chrissy Oberg
Team Color Orange
Team Mascot Alexander Snowdon
Team 90s TV Show The Steve Harvey Show
Team Song Traag – Bizzey (papi)
Distance to Charlottesville, VA Ground Zero
Player Roster
Alexander Snowdon, mortal enemy of wild things

Ali Steed – What do you when your dog’s not cute anymore?

Ashley “JUUL pod” Powell

Beau Daen – Me: Doesn’t do drama . . . Also me: Lives for that drama.

Charles “Refuses to Procreate” Baker

Chris “May Pull His Groin” T

Chrissy “Y’all is My Gender Pronoun” Oberg

Kira – Single handedly put the kibosh on Cornell.

Kirsten  “Remember that time Beau was passed out on couch and she put her toes in his face?” Jackson

Maggie “Nominal SJW” Birkel

Maggie “Will Scoot Around the Bases”  Rowe

Megan Keenan – Will she play in heels?

Mike  Lee – Leading a one man crusade about the $9 sandwich.

Molly Pallman – She needs some milk.

Nicolas “The Earthworm” Guerriero

Pat Miller – The guy she tells you not to worry about.

Willard Younger –  “Big Squeezer”

Star Players Mike Lee – It’s really a shame he’ll be at the masters and you can’t see him run the bases without using his arms.

Molly Pallman – There’s no way you have enough fun at your own wedding to deal with the year of agony that is planning it.

Law Review Nerds Zero. Biggest box of rocks at UVA Law. Intelligence is relative.
Team History Risen from the ashes of Men’s Orange, this collection of uncollectibles chose each other despite the near complete lack of extracurricular involvement. Found common ground in the desire to play kickball instead of softball and make up rules while umping (don’t challenge us). Not a batting glove in sight. Will be genuinely shocked if we win a game.
Practice Regimen Michelob ultra – lose the carbs, not the taste
Want To Play Against Co-Rec Georgia, You and us. Same same, but different. Also, Florida Coastal, we’re curious.
DON’T Want To Play Against Hardos on Co-Rec Orange –  “America”
Favorite Thing About The Tournament That time Ollie Engebretson shaved his head before his sister’s wedding.
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If Men’s Orange still existed. No actually, this is a wonderful time for people from across the country to gather. No complaints.
Anecdotes Let’s take this offline. Shoot us a text if you really wanna know. Beau: 843-460-3998. Chrissy: 864-415-9955.