UVA Co-Rec Gold

Team Name Co-Rec Gold (CRG)
School University of Virginia School of Law
Location Charlottesville, VA
Division Co-Rec
Captains Jill Winter & Zach Jacobson
Team Color Blue and Orange (let’s go Mets)
Team Mascot All of CRG’s spouses <3
Team 90s TV Show Pokémon
Team Song All Gold Everything – Trinidad James
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 0.0 mi
Player Roster
Jill Winter –  wants to be the very best, like no one ever was

Billy Phalen – UVA’s resident maritime lawyer

Christian Pierce – ball is life, see also Matt Hirsh

Zach Jacobson – prefers Ben Franklin over Thomas Jefferson, tbh

Macey Colbert – CRG really is her family, fam

Jordan Beals – pitchers beware

Matt Hirsh – considers CRG a downgrade after last tournament

Corey Parker – actually angry she wasn’t drafted by Men’s Gold, where did any of you play D1 softball?

Elijah McDonnaugh – D3 in baseball, D1 in our hearts

Eleanor Schmalzl – ask her about her Tuesdays

Brandon Leppke – will he follow the footsteps of CRG shortstops swiped by Men’s Gold?!

Brooke Swann – start scouting her now, JAG

Star Players Corey, Eleanor, Brooke, Elijah, and Brandon for prioritizing softball over 1L
Law Review Nerds Billy Phalen
Team History 2016 Co-Rec Champions, can’t remember what happened last year  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Practice Regimen Sitting on Copeley waiting for York to finish BP
Want To Play Against Men’s Gold
DON’T Want To Play Against Co-Rec Blue (it’s too soon)
Favorite Thing About the Tournament Winning (also friendship!!!!)
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If It was 70 and sunny :’(
Anecdotes Billy’s beer paired excellently with CP’s homemade quiche at the potluck …


and Corey brought Taco Bell.