UVA Co-Rec Blue

Team Name Co-Rec Blue
School UVA
Location Charlottesville / CRG’s nightmares
Division Co-Rec
Captains Carolyn Kraska & Marc Capuano
Team Color Blue, duh
Team Mascot The Copeley Groundhog
Team 90s TV Show Hey Arnold
Team Song I’m Blue by Eiffel 65
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 0 miles
Player Roster
Carolyn Gaut “Coach K” Kraska

Marc “Stretch” Capuano

Nicole “Mrs. Worldwide” Lawler

Ashley “Marathon Mama” Finger

Jared “~30-year-old Power” Forbus

Seth “Oppo” Yost

Ben “If It Ain’t Fixed, Don’t Broke” Kramer

“DJ” Carly Crist

Luke “Smiling’s My Favorite”  Zaro

Jess “My Face is Very Important to Me” Stevens

Jackson “Runaway Train” Stallings

Eamon “Energizer Bunny”  Dowd

Star Players The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
Law Review Nerds Marc Capuano
Team History Been around the block a few times. Lost to Florida Coastal in a nail-biter final last year.
Practice Regimen Attending UVA Law is a commitment to constant softball practice.
Want To Play Against Co-Rec Gold, Cornell, Florida Coastal, & Quinnipiac (they deserve a shout out for being awesome)
DON’T Want To Play Against We fear no team
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Harvard getting booed for yelling out school rank after losing
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If We didn’t have a double header in the middle of the BBQ. And it was 75 degrees and sunny.
Anecdotes “He who scores the most runs wins the game” — Confucius, maybe