UConn A Co-Rec

Team Name Golden Sombrer-bros
School UConn School of Law
Location Hartford, Connecticut
Division Co Rec
Captains Jeff Lounsbury, Walter Klimczak
Team Color Navy Blue
Team Mascot The Marlboro Man
Team 90s TV Show Hey Arnold!
Team Song Lonely Together by Avicii
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 69 miles
Player Roster
Jeff Lounsbury, Walter Klimczak, Andrew Ammirati, Sean Flanagan, Chris Isleib, Trevor Larrubia, Anthony El-Hachem, Michael Paciorek, Abby Marchinkoski, Kelsey Bannon, Liz Santovasi, Paige Owens, Austin Moran, and Kim Bosse.

BigP: Tortured Mets fan and known connoisseur of Bud Light Lime. Very excited to put in some hours at The Biltmore.

Izzy: Was scheduled to come on last year’s trip but then he slept through his alarm and got left behind. Sad!

Pipsqueak: Runner-up in the Alva P. Louiselle moot court competition. Known steroid user. Big free agent acquisition….pressure is on.

Wenger Out: Played soccer in college with Sammy Adams so you know he’s chill. He’ll go All Night Longer 😉

The Boss: She’s bossy, she’s the chick y’all love to hate, she’s the chick that’s raised the stakes.

Holy Vases: She’s the one who “totally just failed that test, omg so unfair.” *Proceeds to CALI*

MVP EE: Lover of fountain pens. You can find him in right field refreshing his phone to see if the CALI awards came out yet.

MarchinBOSSki: Last minute addition to the #squad. Bruce Springsteen enthusiast and a heroine on the hardwood.

King Joff: Alpha. Athletic specimen. Cut by a D3 baseball team, so you know he’s good.

God’s Plan: Struck out twice last year. Once looking (true story) and the other when his instagram friend request to a local coed was denied.

Grandpa: EIC of the Connecticut Law Review (currently listed #31 according to W&L ranking system). Expert cig smoker.

Kitten Kween: Instagram #trendsetter. Lover of kittens/bunnies/puppies/goats/pigs. Excited to show off her softball outfits.

Peter: The First Lady. Better than her boyfriend at softball. Very proud to have gone to college in the 06604.

Star Players Austin Moran, Jeff Lounsbury
Law Review Nerds It’d be easier to list the people not on Law Review
Team History Just missed the elimination round last year after losing approximately 25-0 to UVA
Practice Regimen Nonexistent…our talent is god-given
Want To Play Against Buffalo
DON’T Want To Play Against Coastal Carolina
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Making new friends 🙂
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If There was less alcohol!