Syracuse 2 Co-Rec

Team Name Syracuse 2
School Syracuse University College of Law
Location Syracuse, NY
Division Co-Rec
Captains Lahela Usui
Team Color Blue
Team Mascot Otto
Team 90s TV Show Saved by the Bell
Team Song Here comes the boom – Nelly
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 494 miles which took 18 hours by dog sled through 7 feet of snow
Player Roster
1.            Lahela Usui

2.           Teal Johnson

3.           Sam Cirillo

4.           Karianne Polimeni

5.           Alycia Kimmel

6.           JT Camillo

7.            Brian Neufuss

8.           Hank Lobkowicz

9.           Tom Carlon

10.         Taylor Hoy

11.          Ryan Boyle

12.         Adam Sanderson

13.         Al Blood

14.         Alex Fischer

15.         Wade Baldwin

16.         Matt Schafer

Star Players Sam Cirillo, Ryan Boyle and Alycia Kimmel  — Honorable Mention goes to Brian Neufuss, who hit a breathtaking dong in the tournament in 2016 and the team is looking for a repeat performance this year.
Law Review Nerds Taylor Hoy, Karianne Polimeni, and Brian Neufuss (NOT)
Team History Lahela Usui retired from the National Pro Fastpitch League after 12 concussions tragically prevented her from remembering her own name. Feeling sufficiently braindead, she decided to pursue a career as a lawyer.  She turned her passion for softball into making this tournament her priority.  She searched far and wide to find the best slow pitch players in all of Dineen Hall.  As a 3L, this is her last chance to lead her team to victory and we expect nothing less.


Practice Regimen Practice every Thursday, Friday, Saturday night at Clinton Street Pub, Faegans, or Colemans
Want To Play Against FSU but only if they share their steroids
DON’T Want To Play Against Fordham, enough said. Also, Syracuse 1 because we have beaten them at every practice game we have played.  We are hoping for a challenge.
Favorite Thing About the Tournament Finding a new tailor by asking Harvard who sewed their jerseys
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If we read the rules about forced walks before the game started
Anecdotes : JT Camillo, arguably the greatest pitcher this tournament has ever seen, is coming off an unprecedented year where he did not allow a single hit.  We hope to see him on the mound again during this tournament but it is not clear if he will play because his jersey is so tight that he may not have full range of motion.