Syracuse 1 Co-Rec

Team Name Syracuse 1
School Syracuse University College of Law
Location Syracuse, NY
Division Co-Rec
Captains Nick Dellefave
Team Color orange
Team Mascot orange
Team 90s TV Show All that
Team Song Snow (Hey Oh) – RHCP
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 494 miles
Player Roster
Aubre Dean

Tara Blotnick

Vanessa Garcia

Nicole Hoerold

Nick Dellefave

Brett Greenfield

Steven Nunez

Dan Ostrin

Nick Fedorka

Nick Bracy

Sam Cohen

Mike Mascari

Ben Millard

Julian Harrison

Cory Poplawski

Mujtaba Tirmizey

Star Players Aubre Dean, Mike Mascari, Nick Fedorka
Law Review Nerds Sam Cohen
Team History Inspired to play ball after a campus-wide snowball fight revealed some of the strongest and most accurate throwing arms in all the northeast, the students of Syracuse Law banded together and formed a softball team in late October. Unfortunately, basketball season started shortly thereafter, and they totally forgot to practice softball until now
Practice Regimen See above
Want To Play Against The 2017 World Champion Houston Astros, but alternatively, I guess Yale
DON’T Want To Play Against Anybody who walks or bunts in co-ed slow pitch softball. Dingers only, please.
Favorite Thing About the Tournament The registration party and the BBQ
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If Those guys on Syracuse 2 weren’t always trying to show us up with their massive dingers and bat flips
Anecdotes Team Captain Nick Dellefave once hit 74 home runs in a single season, shattering the previous record, before it was discovered that he had done so with the help of performance-enhancing bar prep courtesy of Themis™. Thanks Themis!