Suffolk Co-Rec

Team Name Suffolk Rams
School Suffolk Law School
Location Boston
Division Co-rec
Captains Kylie Germann & Alejandro Machin Rojas
Team Color Blue, White & Gold
Team Mascot A one eyed peacock.
Team 90s TV Show Full House (because we will fill the house up!)
Team Song
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 552 miles
Player Roster
Kylie Germann

Meghan Huggan

Michelle Missigman

Lauren McNelley

Anthony Moccia

Alejandro Machin Rojas

Gregory Ucuz

John Fahey

Patrick Brennan Lincoln

Sean Patrick Kelly

Robert Geddes

Matthew Bianchi

Andrew Ehle

Gerard Damiani

John Trakas

Star Players The 1L’s who are still coming through despite memo’s, oral arguments and the general hell that is 1L year! Cameron Trudeau & Bradley Feimer!
Law Review Nerds
Team History We have a TON of 4L’s coming for their last year!
Practice Regimen Drinking & Occasionally playing a tournament in Boston…
Want To Play Against Anyone we can!
DON’T Want To Play Against Nobody!
Favorite Thing About The Tournament The team bonding that we are forced to experience in the 14 hour drive to and from Boston!
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If We didn’t have to leave Sunday morning!
Anecdotes Watching the Harvard kid get pelted in the eye with a softball… poor dude…