Richmond Co-Rec

Team Name Arachnophabulous
School University of Richmond
Location Richmond, Virginia
Division Co-rec
Captains Brooke Throckmorton and Danny Zemel
Team Color Dark Blue and Red
Team Mascot Spiders
Team 90s TV Show Boy Meets World
Team Song
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 1 hour
Player Roster
1.      Danny Zemel

2.      Eric Behringer

3.      Josh Galante

4.      Brooke Throckmorton

5.      LeGrand Northcutt

6.      Breck Hosford

7.      Jessica Lipford

8.      David Scheiderer

9.      Andrea Carver

10.   Brad David

11.   Justin Mihalic

12.   Chris Forsgreb

13.   Mallory McCune

14.   Christian Chan

15.  Catherine Schroeder

16.   Tevin Bowens

Star Players All
Law Review Nerds None
Team History Ballers
Practice Regimen Bi-weekly ish.
Want To Play Against Everyone (except that really good Florida team…)
DON’T Want To Play Against See above J
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Fun atmosphere, food, parties.
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If We won…
Anecdotes We had a great time last year and looking forward to it again this year. Thanks for all your hard work in putting the tournament together!