Quinnipiac Co-Rec

Team Name QU Law Bobcats
School Quinnipiac University School of Law
Location North Haven, CT
Division Co-rec
Captains Dave Onusku, Alesandria De Sapio
Team Color Some kind of dark blue that isn’t quite navy blue
Team Mascot The Dauberman
Team 90s TV Show Rocket Power
Team Song Some say Gucci Gang, others say literally any other song
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 9 hours
Player Roster
Dallis Vargas – a.k.a. the National Treasure, big city big dreams, the real MVP for stressing the entire year over this one weekend.

Alesandria De Sapio – a.k.a. Mom, the Anonymous Cormorant, president (or benevolent dictator), can probably bench your entire team.

Anthony Daub – the “Dauberman”. Literally 45 feet tall.

David Onusku – a.k.a. Short McCartney, the Dauberman’s better half, soul mate, roommate, Siamese twin, lives in a haunted house.

Michael Martin – you’ll hear him before you see him.

Colin Ortiz – the guy with the sleeve

Ashley Miller – a.k.a. Sammy Sosa.

Leah Mantei – is going to talk shit about you in multiple languages.

Grace Viola – a.k.a. the tiny terror.

David Webster – the pretty one, once wanted to beat the shit out of a car to raise money for our trip, softball’s favorite (and only) 1L.

Star Players Do we have to pick one?
Law Review Nerds Hahaha nerds.
Team History QU Law Softball began several years ago with just one man with a six pack and a dream of starting the best law school softball team in the country. He’d be really disappointed.
Practice Regimen Pick-up games with random old people.
Want To Play Against Anyone up to the challenge.
DON’T Want To Play Against Anyone NOT up to the challenge.
Favorite Thing About The Tournament The free beer.
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If There was more free beer.
Anecdotes On the way back from the tournament last year, we passed an overturned snack pack truck. There were pudding cups all over the highway, and Dallis needed to be physically stopped from getting out of the van and stealing them.