Ohio State Co-Rec

Team Name The Buckeye Bombers
School The Ohio State University
Location Columbus, OH
Division Co-Rec
Captains Scott Herkamp; Wilson Reiser
Team Color Scarlet and Grey
Team Mascot Dale Oesterle; Didier Jones
Team 90s TV Show Hey Arnold
Team Song Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance; Cocky by A$AP Rocky
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 414 miles
Player Roster
Scott “Scooter” Herkamp; Ali “Great White Buzzard” Frohlich; Caitlin “X-Factor” Duckworth; Wilson “Plantain Chip” Reiser; Anthony “Chief Wahoo” Alfano; Katie “Crutch” Caudill; Cary “Jeans” Jones; Mike “Tijuana” Saldana; Mark “Bowflex” Gayetsky; Javi Lopez “Duckworth”; Chloe “Chlo-Rida” Goodlive; Max “Jackie” Williams; Scott “Bob” Shugart; Kenny “Lofton” Duncan; Colin “Big Cash” Reenan; Ali “Rook” Anderson
Star Players Adrian Frohlich – WNP (Coach’s Decision)
Law Review Nerds Numerous Inactive Members
Team History 2 wins (UNC & Penn State); 1 BIG loss to Florida Coastal in last year’s tournament; 2015-16 OSU Champions; Runner Up 2016-17* (Missing 6 Players)
Practice Regimen BP with non-ASL approved bats; Dizzy bat
Want To Play Against Michigan & Penn State
DON’T Want To Play Against ANY team in full uniform
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Trinity
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If In our minds, it’s pretty perfect.
Anecdotes After last year, we are requiring each player to download “Find My Friends.”