Notre Dame Blue Co-Rec

Team Name Notre Dame Law School (Blue)
School Notre Dame Law School
Location South Bend, IN
Division Co-Rec
Captains Matt Clark, Tyler Richards
Team Color White/Blue/Gold
Team Mascot Elmo
Team 90s TV Show Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Team Song No Scrubs
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 684 miles
Player Roster
Scott Mainquist, Dayle “Honey Trap” Comerford, Riley Sissung, Andres “Where’s the Cooler” Martinez, Christine “Femme Fatale” Fimognari, Kristin Schwam, Matt “Silent Bob” Billeci, Matt Clark, JT Gwozdz, Ian “Too Juicy” Bucy, Kristi Denny, Ryan Rogers, Caleb “Fire the Glutes” Correll, Tyler “Swaggu” Richards, Hannah “Lil’ Pit” Oswald
Star Players #squad
Law Review Nerds Christine Fim
Team History 2-1 finish in 2017 UVA Tourney, 2017 ISBA Champs
Practice Regimen Once a week, Continuous alcohol consumption (the combined hangover will probs kill us)
Want To Play Against Any takers (we jack a jersey from every team we beat and add it to our jersey graveyard)
DON’T Want To Play Against Scrubs
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Having fun while crushing cold ones and hitting dingers.
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If N/a