Northeastern Co-Rec

Team Name NUSL
School Northeastern University School of Law
Location Boston MA
Division Co-Rec
Captains COACH (Maddie Leonard)
Team Color Red [with occasional Hawaiian Shirts]
Team Mascot Mark Martinez
Team 90s TV Show Not Friends
Team Song “Boston” by Augustana, see also, “Rake It Up” by Yo Gotti
Distance to Charlottesville, VA Wicked Fah
Player Roster
Maddie Leonard: reluctantly called “Coach” and also reluctantly our pitcher, but may have struck out the most players in the history of Battle of Boston.

Erin VanBuskirk: new to the sport, but a fierce competitor, except for when she uses her non-glove hand to catch the ball.

Carolyn Da Cunha: worked for and runs Spartan races, loves the Yankees but we ignore that about her because she’s a Pats fan, too.

Caleb Schroder: just happy to be here.

Karina Guzman: 3L but first time at the tournament, ready to win just like she does in Immigration Court.

Sam Westbrook: professional catcher/team motivator/sunscreen provider.

Becca Singleton: our only player with college-level softball experience and our only player to get a hickey from a horse and our only player to leave Battle of Boston with someone’s number.

Chris Haze: has a habit of taking out first basemen. Beware.

Mark Martinez: Coach’s megaphone, tequila drinking specialist, has been on time to practice once and won’t let you forget it.

Kyle Banfield: never comes to practice, but hits walk offs, so we keep him.

Dylan Los Huertos: we call him “Eggs”.

Gary Howell-Walton: it’s his birthday this weekend!

Alexander Eddinger: doesn’t do it for the money.

Thomas Jackson: does it for the money.

Catherine Houser: often confused for an employee at Trader Joe’s. Loves to get pelted with softballs. Cannot juggle as well as Mark.

Jake Butts: yes, that’s really his last name. Keeper of the balls and bats.

Chris Huben: this is his bachelor party.

Matthew Chambers: Grew up on the North Shore, may have dropped an R or two in Southie, Definitely had lace curtains, certainly not a mother-f*cker – he respects mothers immensely.

Star Players We are all stars at NUSL. [Note, different from All Stars]
Law Review Nerds Matt [insists he is not, in fact, a nerd]; Karina; Gary.
Team History And on the 8th day, after resting, nondenominational God said “Let there be NUSL Softball, and beer”
Practice Regimen Seeing how many of us can stay standing while wildly hungover at weekend morning practice.
Want To Play Against The Patriarchy.
DON’T Want To Play Against Boston area schools. We are tired of winning against them in Battle of Boston.
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Beer. Food. Beer. Beer.
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If More beer.
Anecdotes Ask Becca.