Mason Gold Co-Rec

Team Name Mason Gold
School George Mason/ASS Law
Location Arlington, VA
Division Co-Rec
Captains Nick Fischer, Travis Royer
Team Color Green
Team Mascot Bartolo Colon
Team 90s TV Show Fresh Prince of Belair
Team Song Dreams and Nightmares
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 1 hour by pigeon
Player Roster
Nick “A2M” Fischer

Travis “Yellow Slide” Royer

Zach “Patient Zero” Fayne

Grant “El Presidente” Ossler

Dany “Suavemente” Alvarado

Tom “1L of a Pickle” Caulfield

Chris “Not the Wide Receiver” Carter

“Sister” Kara Podraza

Christine “Burger and” Fries

Alyssa “The Toe” Vallar

Kiersen “KC-13” Commons

Courtney Fisher

Star Players The spirit of Mike Galgano
Law Review Nerds Almost all of you
Team History Just a bartender from Philly trying to make in law school
Practice Regimen Dumpster reps
Want To Play Against A real ivy league school
DON’T Want To Play Against No fear, no pressure, no diamond
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Hearing Cornell got kicked out
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If There were more dumpsters
Anecdotes Saturdays are for the boys