Georgia State Blue Co-Rec

Team Name Georgia State Blue
School Georgia State University
Location Atlanta, Georgia
Division Co-Rec
Captains Allison Kessler, Nikki Fedele
Team Color Royal Blue
Team Mascot Panthers
Team 90s TV Show Doug
Team Song Killer Tofu
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 510 miles
Player Roster
1.      LOGAN STONE – Will likely make a sick play and then overthrow first base.

2.      MATT TOOMEY – Dresses better than you. Hits farther than you. Gets better grades than you.

3.      NATE CHONG – His real name is not Nate and he describes himself as the “tall Asian”, so we don’t actually know anything about him. We do know he hits dingers, which is plenty.

4.      ANDREW BROWN – Bought groceries by himself for the first time in his entire life this year. He’s 24.  Will also make a sick play and overthrow first.

5.      DOWDY WHITE – Most likely to get thrown out of the tourney, but will say thank you in the process. Throws a sick slider.

6.      MATT RICHARDS – Most likely to wear the male romper. Surprisingly good at softball.

7.      RYAN CASTELLON – Swipes right on tinder every time, gets two matches. Good pitcher, better outfielder, great drinker.

8.      ANDREA BELTRAN –  MVP, no question. She fields as well as Rizzo and hits better than him. She’ll make every terrible throw to first look good.

9.      NIKKI FEDELE – She has a broken knee but is planning on playing due to her unrelenting dedication. Known for getting concussions and dressing up as a taco.

10.   LAUREN LIGHT – Absolute crusher of law review articles and softballs. Everyone watch out for the beast known as Jewish Lightning

11.   ALLISON KESSLER – Known for falling on her face every single time she has ever attempted running to first – also known for getting a concussion at UVA every year

12.   HOLLY SALIMI – Dirtiest right fielder we have. Slides for every ball that comes her way. Also, we have video proof of her doing the worm in the hallway of our hotel last year.

13.   SOPHIA HORN – commonly known as “Softball Soph” (“sof” not “sofe”), she has DIABEETUS but that’s okay, because she’s anything but sweet on the field

Star Players Allison Kessler

Nikki Fedele

Law Review Nerds Jewish Lightning


Dowdy White

AKA Rowdy Dowdy

AKA The Great Dowdino

AKA The Alabama Hamma

AKA The South Georgia Heat

AKA The Sultan of Dowd

Team History Been crushing balls since the 90’s. Also known as the team with the taco.
Practice Regimen Swinging the bat while holding a beer
Want To Play Against Cornell bc they stole our beer
DON’T Want To Play Against Boston College
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Talking smack to Cornell
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If Cornell wasn’t there
Anecdotes Cornell sucks