Georgetown Roe v Wade Boggs Co-Rec

Team Name Roe v. Wade Boggs
School Georgetown Law
Location Washington, D.C.
Division Co-Rec
Captains Jon Rauch & Josh Marks
Team Color Navy
Team Mascot Hoyas
Team 90s TV Show House of Buggin’
Team Song Landslide – Fleetwood Mac
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 100 miles
Player Roster
Sarah Barr, is that you? Claire Fischer
Moonlights as an amateur rocket scientist Dante Frisiello
Believes softball should be played as its founders intended, with wooden bats and no curveballs Ethan Womble
Law Review NERD Jen Ong
Most likely to object to hearsay when arguing with an umpire Jimmy Canfield
Supported the Vote of No Confidence in Chancellor Vallorum’s leadership Jon Rauch
Can accurately identify what high school anyone from New Jersey went to just by looking at them Josh Marks
Is allowed to break team rule #2 Layni Chamberlin
Most likely to forget to make garlic bread for the team dinner Nicolette Miranda
Team communist Paul Mayer
Actual Instagram model Reed Dempsey
Legally allowed and physically able to throw any person out of any bar Ryan Cosmopulos
Team History Turmoil has engulfed the

Galactic Republic. The taxation

of trade routes to outlying star

systems is in dispute.


Hoping to resolve the matter

with a blockade of deadly

battleships, the greedy Trade

Federation has stopped all

shipping to the small planet

of Naboo.


While the Congress of the

Republic endlessly debates

this alarming chain of events,

the Supreme Chancellor has

secretly dispatched two Jedi

Knights, the guardians of

peace and justice in the

galaxy, to settle the conflict….

Practice Regimen $1 Miller High Life’s at Hamilton’s
Want To Play Against GW
DON’T Want To Play Against Teams that are better than us
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Bat flipping
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If More games!
Anecdotes Madeleine Tayer has been officially designated as an Of Counsel Captain, in response to her selfish decision to study abroad this semester.


Jimmy Canfield is not a captain, but the official Georgetown Law Softball Team Hypeman