Fordham 1 Co-Rec

Team Name Fordham 1
School Fordham
Location NYC
Division Co Rec
Captains Pat Toolan, Chris Guerin, Conor McEvoy
Team Color Maroon and White
Team Mascot Rams
Team 90s TV Show Home Improvement
Team Song Party in the U.S.A.
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 345 Miles
Player Roster
Patrick Toolan, Chris Guerin, Conor McEvoy, Akbar Khan, Zach Paiva, Adam Holzschuh, Ali Holtzman, Rob Cortinas, Gregory O’Brien, Tom Sperber, Deanna Minasi, Colette Carman, Shaunna Lazzaro, Liz Moore, Angel Marcial
Star Players N/A
Law Review Nerds N/A
Team History Playoff team last year. Repeat not expected
Practice Regimen 12 oz. curls and general tomfoolery
Want To Play Against Bad teams
DON’T Want To Play Against Good teams
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Hitting Dingers
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If We could catch
Anecdotes Might buy a new bat for the tournament