Columbia Blue Co-Rec

Team Name Columbia Blue
School Columbia Law
Location NYC
Division Co-rec
Captains Kyle Tuckman & Max Offsay
Team Color Blue
Team Mascot The Bookworms
Team 90s TV Show Friends
Team Song “Get Low” (acoustic version)
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 353 Miles
Player Roster
Kyle Tuckman

Max Offsay

Lauren Beck

Lauren Bergelson

David Balme

Zachary Morrison

Caroline Lowry

Vita Vivek

Kate Warrick

Tom Schaad

Matthew Halchak

Cameron Jones

Star Players Tucknasty & Max Offset
Law Review Nerds Lauren Beck
Team History In 2011, two stoned teens came together in their parent’s basement to make the world “a more interconnected & friendly place.” They called their startup Friendbook. They soon learned their idea had been successfully co-opted by Facebook in a long con to ruin democratic institutions. Instead, our protagonists decided to make a softball team titled Columbia Blue. The rest is history.
Practice Regimen Keg racing
Want To Play Against The drunkest teams
DON’T Want To Play Against Sober teams
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Day drinking
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If Free keg per team for the entry fee
Anecdotes Big boy gang moves