Boston University Red Co-Rec

Team Name BU Red
School Boston University
Location Tom Bradyville
Division Co-Rec
Captains Alissa “lilmiss” Valdes
Team Color Red
Team Mascot 4Loko
Team 90s TV Show All That
Team Song God’s Plan
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 9 Hours Squeezed on a Bus
Player Roster

Alissa Valdes

Lauren Troeller

Emily Harper

Garrett Miller

Matt Kramer

Zach Jenkins

Nick Honig

Chris Duffy

Brandon Winer

Raja Arumugam

Ariel Mejia

Justin Bonnick

Kevin Morrissey

Star Players Lauren “Lo Mein” Troeller
Law Review Nerds Brandon “Editor in Chief” Winer
Team History Always Late But Worth the Wait
Practice Regimen We’re Born Athletes
Want To Play Against Anyone we can beat
DON’T Want To Play Against Any team that isn’t “well-hydrated”
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Late Night Dumplings
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If Dumplings were provided at games
Anecdotes We can’t remember any