Baltimore White Co-Rec

Team Name UB White
School University of Baltimore School of Law
Location Baltimore, Maryland
Division Co-Rec
Captains Trevor Shaw
Team Color White
Team Mascot Great White Buffalo
Team 90s TV Show Married with Children
Team Song Fight Night
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 2 Cases of Natty Light split between 3 people, and about a tin of chewing tobacco
Player Roster
Mark *Pincelli* Pincelli

Sophia *Princess Soph* Franzak

Kelli *Cover My Bases* Cover

Klara *Mother of Cats* Kim

Emily *Second Berg* Berg

Josh *Gorsky* Gorsky

Morgan *Moe Diggity* Dilks

Trevor *I’d Hit That* Shaw

Hamda *Chief Brief* Hussein

Andy *Side Quesadilla* Berg

Mario *Davis* Davis

Brent *Conrad* Conrad

Justin *Yeah-Yeah* Breidenstein

Matt *Maverick* Haghiri

Evan *Pickett* Pickett

To those of you that did not pick funny/clever nicknames….you suck


Star Players Kelli Cover and Hamda Hussein
Law Review Nerds Josh, Morgan, Mark, and Andy
Team History Once upon a time, a group of ragtag alcoholics met in torts class. After having their brains filled with the thoughts of duties, breaches, and defenses they quickly wandered to the nearest drinking hole, Turps, to ease their pain. Where the poor service and subpar food led this group to find a common bond, hitting bombs and pounding beers. After several drinks this group decided to take their (drinking) talents to Charlottesville to show those IVY league nerds what really matters, drinking more alcohol and hitting balls farther. You can keep your fancy big law jobs and SCOTUS nominations; we succeed where it really matters, on the diamond.
Practice Regimen Double fisting Natty Bohs and rigorous gambits of Edward 40 Hands. Then there is Mark Sipping on some lame craft beer.
Want To Play Against Teams that suck
DON’T Want To Play Against Teams that treat this like Game 7 of the World Series (Jared Lerner)
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Beating Harvard AGAIN. Going for the 3peat
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If Every member of each team was required to shotgun at least one beer before/during the game
Anecdotes We probably won’t beat you on the field, but when it comes to drinking games, we don’t lose