Baltimore Blue Co-Rec

Team Name UB Blue
School University of Baltimore School of Law
Location Baltimore, Maryland
Division Co-Rec
Captains Disney Princess, Katie Wicket &

The Petty Queen, Jasmine Pope

Team Color Blue
Team Mascot Don Stone
Team 90s TV Show Hey Arnold & All That
Distance to Charlottesville, VA Thirteen Cigarettes
Player Roster
Petty Queen

Nicole Smith

Jessica Pupkin

Eroncia Berry

Valerie Ochoa

Darrian Nelson

The Chandlees (Two for the price of two)

Jarod Armes

John Sebastian


Zack Kluttz

Brandon Floyd

Jeremy Brooks

Star Players We’re all stars baby.
Law Review Nerds Only 1. She’s alright I guess…
Team History University of Baltimore’s Blue-Team is a tale as old as time. Since the forefathers founded this country, UB has had a Blue-Team. B.A. Baracus would be jealous as to the clout to which this team brings. Washington crossing the Delaware pales in comparison to the team photo that will occur. Like pi, UB’s Blue-Team will continue to infinity… and beyond


Practice Regimen Goat Parkour
Want To Play Against UB White

Bring it on Trevor.

DON’T Want To Play Against UB Yellow,

Sorry Matt West.

Favorite Thing About The Tournament Cookout and the Ye Old English Inn
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If Cookout delivered. Just saying.
Anecdotes UVA 2 Kush 1 (It was the bacon)